As part of common room, and commissioned by the Galerias Municipais de Lisboa, I am currently involved in a multi-year research, publication, and exhibition project (2019-ongoing), working title "Disquietude", engaging locally with architects, activists, academics, etc. in discussions on architecture, energy and resource transition, which in 2021 will first materialize in a publication and in 2022 will then culminate in an exhibition.

common room (established 2006) is an architectural practice with a publishing imprint, and an exhibition space. It is a collaborative platform based in New York City, Brussels, and Manchester. common room is comprised of architects Lars Fischer, Todd Rouhe and Maria Ibañez, designer Rachel Himmelfarb, architectural researcher Kim Förster and graphic designer Geoff Han. The partners Lars Fischer, Maria Ibañez and Todd Rouhe are registered architects in New York and Germany.

Bauhof / Baupalast

Based on my academic research and publication project "The Green IBA," which tackles the ecological turn in German architecture and planning, I am collaborating with two Berlin-based urban practices, Baupalast by Constructlab (Alexander Roemer) and CoCooN (Anna Schäffner), located in so called "Dragoner Areal" in Berlin-Kreuzberg, e.g. by contributing to discussions on circular spaces, practices and materials, in the context of the Circular Society Forum 2021 of Hans Sauer Stiftung, Munich.